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Modern SEO Techniques 2014

by Rahul SEO -  CEO of Rahul Group

2014 SEO Tecniques

SEO process to be stopped
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latest seo fundamental knowledge

Ranking Factors

What is Website Ranking ?

In a broad sense, the term “Ranking” shall be either –
  •      Search Ranking Position
  •      Page Rank of the Website

Search Ranking Is the visibility of a website in the search results of a website. Search Engines positioning of the website by the method of indexing affects the Search Ranking.

Page Rank is the ranking determined by the web robots. This Ranking is mainly based on domain factors of the website such as age, Layout content etc.

SEO Knowledge- Ranking Process
SEO Knowledge- Ranking Process

Quality Link Helps

What is the difference between Organic Search and Paid Search ?

Organic search refers to the natural search. All those searchings whose results naturally occur. 

In an Organic search, the owner of the site need not make any payment in terms of cash or other means to the search engine. It is controlled by the search engines and their robots.

Organic search displays the crawled results of the search keyword.

Whereas paid search is completely different from organic. 

In a paid search, the website owner pays money to the search engines and as a result their website is displayed on the top. One of the popular method of paid search is Pay Per Click(PPC). 

 PPC is explained in detail in other posts of this Blog. Have a look on the same and improvise your knowledge.

SEO Quality Link Building
In order a website to appear in the Organic search, its Back building has to be a quality one.Building quality links helps website’s Ranking factors and the Reputation.

But if your website doesnot appear in top pages of search engine’s organic search results, there is nothing to worry. Take advantage of the Paid search or PPC.